ArboHook was born from the need to create a product widely used in the USA. that in Europe we do not have and we believe that it is one of the best alternatives, plastic hangers and other components.

We are manufacturers and use environmentally friendly biodegradable waterproof plastics (PLA).

The hooks can be made to measure according to the needs of each client. We believe that plastic hangers are the best option, especially for newborns and juveniles of some snake species such as Morelia viridis, Morelia spilota, Morelia Bredli, Corallus hortulanus, Corallus caninus, etc.


  • Its rough surface provides a good grip that can prevent bends.
  • They are cleaned well, they can be cleaned with alcohol, bleach and other disinfection products. (Never use acetone)
  • They can be customized to fit in our boxes.
  • Some models have incorporated the sprue, which facilitates the cleaning of the box.
  • How many times have you prepared to clean the boxes and did not know where to put the hanger? As it is a stand with legs, it facilitates the cleaning of the box.

Our hangers are designed for Samla boxes of 5 liters and 11 liters.

If you need other measures or other configuration, do not hesitate to contact us.

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